Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hi every one!

So it has been quite some time since the last time I wrote here. Well to give you a brief run down of where I have been and what I have been doing lately;

Timo and I broke up, it was my choice, and things have been rocky since then, but we try to remain friends as best as possible!
Mom and Dad came to visit the first 2 weeks of July, it was so nice to see them! :)
Their first night here we went to a festival in Hoffeim that had this amazing cover band of the Bee-Gees. My dad and Mathias were in absolute HEAVEN! Not going to lie, I got into it a little as well.
After that, the family had left to go on their vacation, I believe that they went to Austria and then to Italy! So they had a wonderful time and came back all wonderful and tan!

My family left Sunday morning for Paris... We stopped in Luxembourg for the night, which was okay, minus the hotel room was literally smaller then our kitchen and it advertised Wifi, but the ONLY way to use it was to sit down in this little corner by the kitchen where you could hear the Chef yelling about the Futbol game that as going at the time. I believe it was the finals of the Euro Cup, and it was Spain VS Italy. Unfortunately the worst team won.. (Spain) ;)

After that we made our way to Paris... I praise the lord everyday for navigation. BUT even with navigation I was getting irritated with my parents because it tells you WHERE to turn, and yet, MY FATHER goes in the OPPOSITE direction.. I did not understand.. Got to the point where I would test him randomly on his lefts and rights just to make sure that he was still up to par. I swear, he thinks that just because he retired he had to stop thinking..

Well  with a mix of Portuguese swear words and some German ones as well, one or two songs that my brother and I used to sing on long road trips (This is the song that never ends....) we finally made it to Paris!

I loved it there, mostly the night time though.. they had wonderful street cafes where I was able to eat Frog's legs, which were absolutely delicious! The wine and everything was delicious! My parents got a lot of Coffee's, and since I am not so much a coffee drinker, I just got to drink a nice glass of wine during the middle of the day, or every time they stopped. :)

Our hotel was really nice as well, it was fashion week there so there were lots of skinny little girls coming in and out throughout the day and night with their hair still done from the show and their makeup. But they looked disgustingly skinny.. It's like seriously how my Ex lax do you have to drink till you are skinny enough?

Well I am sure in my parents email's they informed you everything we did, so I will skip all that.. When we came back from Paris, we still had our rental car for a few days, so we drove to Heidelberg, which was really cool.. They had this AMAZING clock in the castle we saw.. Mom realized just how bad my dad's ADD and mine were on that trip for sure.

We did a Rhein river tour where we hopped on this boat and basically went down the center of the Rhein and got to see all the ancient castles that were on the sides of the hills. Luckily they had English translation so it was nice to know what each castle was..

It was nice also because our cousin Christian came to stay with us for a few days, and we went to Rudesheim and had a wonderful dinner there with some amazing live music and just an overall amazing atmosphere, I would not mind going back there again and going wine tasting, just not on the Gondola. That thing goes SO HIGH!

While we were in Frankfurt there was the Iron Man contest going on, so that was really cool to watch. By the time we got there though it was towards the end but we were still able to watch who made it back first.. (from a bar, eating, and drinking Cola-Beers)

Also, some big news, I got into a University while I was here, it's called NHU (National Hispanic University) and I will be majoring in Liberal Studies/Criminal Justice.
I had to take a challenge exam in order to take some classes online, and this exam was basically everything that students that ACTUALLY took the test learn in a semester. Here is what I had to do:

  1. Microsoft Word: roughly 30 different little things to show that I was competent in Microsoft, as well as show that I could hyperlink a flyer to the main page, AND a PowerPoint
  2. A 10 page PowerPoint, about whatever I wanted, so of course I did Gymnastics!
  3. Microsoft Excel about 28 pages of formulas/ arranging cells how the diagram was, as well as making every different type of chart to go along with the information.
  4. Microsoft Access-- 4 separate projects, that had about 15 parts to them. Making queries, reports, tables, anything you can  think of I pretty much did.
  5. AND on top of all this I had to write a 10 page research paper in APA format. (NO idea how to do that)
I was only given 1 week to do all this. I did everything besides the research paper, and when I emailed the teacher everything asking for an extension this is what he said to me word for word;
"From what you have sent me, it shows me that you will pass the challenge exam, send me what you have and we can go from there." 10 mins later I get this email...
"Emily, don't worry about sending the research paper unless you really want to, you will be fine without it."

So of course, I did NOT send it because I was stressing major, and my brain was on reh-tard mode, and when I got the final email congratulating me that I passed with an 80%( I only needed 70%)!!!!

So now I am just waiting/ trying to sign up for my online classes that I can take so I can get this degree rolling.
Oh! Did I mention, that doing all that Microsoft stuff, it has inspired me to get certified in all of that.. So hopefully by the time I come home I can be certified in everything! :)

Overall it was a successful trip, and I was so happy to see my parents, but I know that these next 5 months are just going to FLY by, and when I get home that I will most likely be wanting to come back to Germany...

Now, that I am back in a normal routine, I plan on writing more, and traveling more, once I buy my ticket home of course, so I will have more interesting stories for sure!

I hope you all enjoyed the very brief catch up, but if I were to write everything, you would stop reading halfway through with boredom and cursing my name for being such an amazing descriptive writer...

Thanks for reading! LOVE YOU ALL!


I also wanted to add, I LOVE and MISS you Uncle Joe, I will always remember you and all the time we spent together and the times that you let me stay with you when I was in San Diego. I just miss and love you so much but you are in a better place now, and having an amazing time with other family that has passed.
I love you. RIP


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Are you planning to come to Belgium? We would love to see you...

  2. Who needs a GPS when you have a Lomelino driving?????