Monday, May 14, 2012

Burg Eltz

Timo and I went to a castle called Burg Eltz, this one was really awesome because it was literally almost exactly the same as it had been in the 15th century. We did our own tour for the first half hour, and then we were able to jump onto an English tour and that was about another hour. It was pretty cool because we saw parts of the castle that was closed off to just anyone walking around.
I could not believe how small the beds were and the door ways! They were like perfect size for ME!!!In the castle there lived 3 families, and the "houses" were separated by walls that were 2 meters thick, soo like 6ft. They had 1 main meeting room where all the families would come together to gossip and eat and throw parties. Other then that, each of the families had its own family room, music room, and of course bedrooms.

In the house there was over 40 fireplaces, and let me tell you, these were not your average fire places! They were absolutely HUGE! I could of slept comfortably in there if I wanted to! We got to see what their bathrooms were like, it was basically a room with just a box with a hole in it.. the hole let to outside and from there it was the first system of drainage.. Well not literally but naturally.. basically the weather there was almost always rainy, so people would use the toilet and it would go into a pipe and then when the rain comes it cleans the pipe out.. pretty clever, but then I wondered what happened if there was a drought...

This was by far one of the coolest castles that I have ever seen and was so happy that we were able to go! I will put up some more photos on my facebook or google!

The girls are knocking on my wall most likely because they are trying to sleep and I am typing away rather loudly.. Sooo gotta go!

Just a little one..

So the last thing that I posted was about Amsterdam! Since then little things have happened here and there! The most recent was my trip to Munich to go see my favorite band Train perform! More on that later though..

When I got back from Amsterdam I was so happy to be on German soil, I loved it in Amsterdam but like I said previously it was way to long there! When I came back though, it was big Futball time here! Eintracht Frankfurt was one game away from getting into the first league and when they did that it was a huge celebration! I luckily got to go to the game after where they were already in the first league and were just playing to play. The really cool thing was, was that after the game all the fans ran onto the soccer field and celebrated for about an hour or so! It was so awesome to see all the fans out there chanting the songs on Frankfurt and just seeing the crowds of people!

After that, we had a day off during the week so the family and I went to a castle on the Rhein river called Rheinstein. It was a pretty small castle, but none the less it was pretty cool to see, and the views were amazing! It was a great day except the German weather is so deceiving because it looked like it was going to cold so I dressed or cold weather, and then sure enough, it turns out to be one of the hottest days in Germany! We had to climb nearly 400 stairs, and by the end of that I was thinking about just taking off my pants and walking around it was absolutely miserable! 

Leaving this one short so your minds are not blown by all the awesome times I am having here. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012


So I went to Amsterdam the first week of April. It was such an awesome place!
When I landed I had to take a train to the main station where my hostel was. Well the instructions were not very clear so I ended up going the wrong way and was walking a mile in heels carrying a very heavy suitcase before I realized that I was no near where I needed to be. Well luckily a taxi was near by and I was able to get a ride right up to my hostel. Well by the time I got there I was in desperate need of something to eat. So I went to their little hotel bar and ordered some food and met some other local travelers. The hostel people were so nice because since they knew that I was traveling by myself they introduced me to another girl who was by herself and we hit it off!
While we were sitting there we were introduced to a local named Hans. He was really cool, and showed us around the red light district. Yes, that is where my hostel was located. Well it was a little awkward because Hans liked his Hookers. He ended up showing us who his favorites were and some were actually calling him by his name and asking if he was going to be joining them. It was incredibly awkward but at the same time it is acceptable to do so because sex is so open and welcome there in Amsterdam.
Well after that, I ended up meeting some more people and we all went out for the night, it was about 10 of us total, super awesome people and all just looking to have a good time and get to know people. We went to a few different bars and overall it was a life experience that I will never forget!

The next day I went and met up with Nikki's cousin Luuk. We went out to a nice little cafe and had some dinner and just chatted and then he took me to his local watering hole where we watched the Barcelona, Milan soccer match, and that was exciting because it was a bunch of his friends and the people really got into it!

The next day I went to the hotel that Timo had gotten for me. It was a hotel in Val an Dam. It was a really nice hotel, just in the middle of no where and the view outside my window was some very nice and friendly ghosts. It was kind of funny because I would open my blinds and BAM there would be some ghosts standing there just staring at me. Well when I got there on Wednesday I had become really really sick and could not get out of bed. So I got very comfortable with the bed there for a few days.
Timo came into Amsterdam Friday night and we just hung around the hotel and had dinner and just relaxed. On Saturday we went into Amsterdam and toured around. We did one of those hop on and hop off canal tours! It was super awesome!
Towards the end of our day we went to the Ice Bar where you are given a coat and some gloves, and put into a room completely made of ice, you get 2 free drinks and the cups are made out of ice so it was really awesome. You are there for essentially 45 minutes and have to keep jumping around and moving to stay warm! It was a great experience even though next time I will be wearing better shoes! LOL

On Sunday Timo left and then on Monday I was back home myself. 7 days in Amsterdam is great, but it was a little too long to be by myself for most of the trip! But I enjoyed myself no matter what! :)

Okay, my hands hurt real bad, so then I will write my next 2 blogs maybe tomorrow or Monday. AND I will post up pictures once I figure out how to make photo bucket work without destroying my computer!!


So sorry that it has been awhile, I have been very very busy! I have a lot to talk about so I will be breaking up it up between a bunch of different blogs! :)

Well back in March I went to my first Sauna experience, Nikki had warned me that it was going to be shocking because apparently a lot of people get naked and walk around like it is nothing. WELL it is something.. Something to those who are totally not used to seeing that when you just want to go swimming or just relax.

The place that we went to was a super nice place, there is a movie theater there so if you want to take a break from swimming all you have to do is hop out of the pool and you can walk a few steps and then BAM you are in the movie theater watching Alvin and the Chipmunks in German.
The lower pools are for those people that actually wear swim suits. There is 1 really big pool, a salt pool which is really really good for your skin, and then like 5 different jacuzzi's. The jacuzzi's were different tempatures so that was really nice, and the pools are always warm, so its really nice to just walk in and not have to be freezing right away!

Upstairs is where it gets scary. You walk through this cave like thing and you come up to a set of lockers where people start stripping down in front of you like it is nothing. Well when I see this I turn away, but when I turned I looked down and was hit with seeing a pool full of naked men and women just swimming around like it was nothing. There were 3 or 4 guys just hanging out on a wall naked, smoking, drinking, eating Bratwurst. It was a total culture shock to me. Well when I turned around from that Timo has already started laughing at me because I am a bright red and just have my head in my hands trying to erase those images. But little did I know it was only going to get better.

We go into the area where you can lay down and get tan. You have the choice to wear your swimsuit or be naked, well I chose to wear my swimsuit, there was no way that I was going to strut my stuff in front of a bunch of strangers. The tanning beds are in sort of like indiviual caves, but you can still see if someone is inside from outside, well Timo and I are just walking around looking for an open bed when all of a sudden it goes from empty to.... PENIS EVERYWHERE! I look to my right, PENIS, look to my left, PENIS, just when I thought it was done and I am in histerics, I decide to uncover my eyes and all of a sudden there is the last one and it was horrible. I had to run out of there because I was laughing so hard and LOUD. I was not expecting to see all of that and I was not warned that it was going to be out there!!! Timo thought it was hilarious of course, and I just made a bee line down stairs where they actually wear clothes..
It was the most European experience that I have ever had... Something I will have to get used to I guess..