Friday, May 4, 2012


So I went to Amsterdam the first week of April. It was such an awesome place!
When I landed I had to take a train to the main station where my hostel was. Well the instructions were not very clear so I ended up going the wrong way and was walking a mile in heels carrying a very heavy suitcase before I realized that I was no near where I needed to be. Well luckily a taxi was near by and I was able to get a ride right up to my hostel. Well by the time I got there I was in desperate need of something to eat. So I went to their little hotel bar and ordered some food and met some other local travelers. The hostel people were so nice because since they knew that I was traveling by myself they introduced me to another girl who was by herself and we hit it off!
While we were sitting there we were introduced to a local named Hans. He was really cool, and showed us around the red light district. Yes, that is where my hostel was located. Well it was a little awkward because Hans liked his Hookers. He ended up showing us who his favorites were and some were actually calling him by his name and asking if he was going to be joining them. It was incredibly awkward but at the same time it is acceptable to do so because sex is so open and welcome there in Amsterdam.
Well after that, I ended up meeting some more people and we all went out for the night, it was about 10 of us total, super awesome people and all just looking to have a good time and get to know people. We went to a few different bars and overall it was a life experience that I will never forget!

The next day I went and met up with Nikki's cousin Luuk. We went out to a nice little cafe and had some dinner and just chatted and then he took me to his local watering hole where we watched the Barcelona, Milan soccer match, and that was exciting because it was a bunch of his friends and the people really got into it!

The next day I went to the hotel that Timo had gotten for me. It was a hotel in Val an Dam. It was a really nice hotel, just in the middle of no where and the view outside my window was some very nice and friendly ghosts. It was kind of funny because I would open my blinds and BAM there would be some ghosts standing there just staring at me. Well when I got there on Wednesday I had become really really sick and could not get out of bed. So I got very comfortable with the bed there for a few days.
Timo came into Amsterdam Friday night and we just hung around the hotel and had dinner and just relaxed. On Saturday we went into Amsterdam and toured around. We did one of those hop on and hop off canal tours! It was super awesome!
Towards the end of our day we went to the Ice Bar where you are given a coat and some gloves, and put into a room completely made of ice, you get 2 free drinks and the cups are made out of ice so it was really awesome. You are there for essentially 45 minutes and have to keep jumping around and moving to stay warm! It was a great experience even though next time I will be wearing better shoes! LOL

On Sunday Timo left and then on Monday I was back home myself. 7 days in Amsterdam is great, but it was a little too long to be by myself for most of the trip! But I enjoyed myself no matter what! :)

Okay, my hands hurt real bad, so then I will write my next 2 blogs maybe tomorrow or Monday. AND I will post up pictures once I figure out how to make photo bucket work without destroying my computer!!


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  1. To avoid problems in the Netherlands you have cousins that speak the language. We do.