Monday, May 14, 2012

Just a little one..

So the last thing that I posted was about Amsterdam! Since then little things have happened here and there! The most recent was my trip to Munich to go see my favorite band Train perform! More on that later though..

When I got back from Amsterdam I was so happy to be on German soil, I loved it in Amsterdam but like I said previously it was way to long there! When I came back though, it was big Futball time here! Eintracht Frankfurt was one game away from getting into the first league and when they did that it was a huge celebration! I luckily got to go to the game after where they were already in the first league and were just playing to play. The really cool thing was, was that after the game all the fans ran onto the soccer field and celebrated for about an hour or so! It was so awesome to see all the fans out there chanting the songs on Frankfurt and just seeing the crowds of people!

After that, we had a day off during the week so the family and I went to a castle on the Rhein river called Rheinstein. It was a pretty small castle, but none the less it was pretty cool to see, and the views were amazing! It was a great day except the German weather is so deceiving because it looked like it was going to cold so I dressed or cold weather, and then sure enough, it turns out to be one of the hottest days in Germany! We had to climb nearly 400 stairs, and by the end of that I was thinking about just taking off my pants and walking around it was absolutely miserable! 

Leaving this one short so your minds are not blown by all the awesome times I am having here. :)

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