Monday, May 14, 2012

Burg Eltz

Timo and I went to a castle called Burg Eltz, this one was really awesome because it was literally almost exactly the same as it had been in the 15th century. We did our own tour for the first half hour, and then we were able to jump onto an English tour and that was about another hour. It was pretty cool because we saw parts of the castle that was closed off to just anyone walking around.
I could not believe how small the beds were and the door ways! They were like perfect size for ME!!!In the castle there lived 3 families, and the "houses" were separated by walls that were 2 meters thick, soo like 6ft. They had 1 main meeting room where all the families would come together to gossip and eat and throw parties. Other then that, each of the families had its own family room, music room, and of course bedrooms.

In the house there was over 40 fireplaces, and let me tell you, these were not your average fire places! They were absolutely HUGE! I could of slept comfortably in there if I wanted to! We got to see what their bathrooms were like, it was basically a room with just a box with a hole in it.. the hole let to outside and from there it was the first system of drainage.. Well not literally but naturally.. basically the weather there was almost always rainy, so people would use the toilet and it would go into a pipe and then when the rain comes it cleans the pipe out.. pretty clever, but then I wondered what happened if there was a drought...

This was by far one of the coolest castles that I have ever seen and was so happy that we were able to go! I will put up some more photos on my facebook or google!

The girls are knocking on my wall most likely because they are trying to sleep and I am typing away rather loudly.. Sooo gotta go!

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