Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So in my last blog entry, I told everyone that my last day is going to be December 20th. Well, turns out that I will not be coming back then, until most likely after Christmas.. :( Bummer I know.. But what can I do.. They need me!

On a lighter note, today I did an amazing craft with the kids! We had some HUGE white paper and I taped their names on it, and then proceeded to have them paint their hands and do hand prints all over the paper. They literally covered the whole paper so there was almost no white left.
Once the paint dried, I carefully removed the tape to leave their names stark white with their hand prints in the background! It truly looks amazing! I will take some photos tomorrow and post them so everyone can see what a genius I am!!

Well short and sweet.. Just wanted to update everyone about the whole mixing up of the dates.. don't forget about me for Christmas please though! :)



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