Friday, January 6, 2012

Above are some pictures from my first night here in Austria! As you can see the girls have already taken to my very well! They are such a wonderful family and such wonderful girls I am very happy to be their Aupair! The last couple of days have been SO hectic! My last blog stated that I had been stuck in London.. which was wonderful(NOT) well the next day I made it to the airport without a problem and was able to get on my plane! For some reason I started at seat 7 and then when I got there they had moved me to seat 33 even though there was maybe 15 people tops on the plane.. No idea why they did that at all but whatever, I just stretched out for the time I had and took a little nap! 
When I got to the airport in Munich it was all smooth sailing from there! My luggage was all there and nothing was missing or broken! Nikki was there to meet me right away and we hit it off immediately! The hour and a half drive to their cabin in Austria was her filling me in on customs that I should know so I don't stand out too much! 
1. Always say "Hallo" or "Guten tag" when entering a room
2. When eating always keep one hand on the table, and if you are using a knife a fork you must keep the knife and fork in your hands at all time while eating.
3. DO NOT put your feet up on a coffee table unless you are in the comfort of your own house
4.When doing cheers with someone at dinner you must look them in the eyes, not cross arms with someone sitting next to you, and always take a drink after.
That is all that I can think of now though, there were some others but those were the ones that stood out!

The little girl in the first picture is Tayla, she is the oldest, and then the second photo with the little girl on the floor in Aimee (pronounced Ah-Meh) she is 4. The other little girl is Lorena, their cousin. All girls are very sweet and are getting along fabulously! They are absolutely obsessed with Hello Kitty and when I showed up with my Hello Kitty luggage tag and my coloring books they freaked out and went right to coloring!
Tonight is the last night in Austria before we all head back to the house in Kelkheim! So excited to see the house and get my own room! I have been sharing a room with the 2 little girls! Last night was so crazy! We left to go to dinner around 7 and there was like a blizzard outside with so much snow! When we left the restaurant everyone was worried that we would not make it home because the car does not have 4 wheel drive! But we made it! Over night though there was 2 feet of snow and it has not stopped snowing yet and it is 6:30pm! Today we went sledding in the front yard and played in all the fresh snow! I took pictures but will post them later! Time for dinner! Love and miss you all! xoxo

Bis Bald!


  1. I am exhausted just reading what your first few days have been like! I love hearing about the customs...It's great that you are working with such a wonderful family! I will talk to the Hello Kitty fairy to make sure she leaves something for our next shipment! Enjoy! LYF, LYFA

  2. Emmons-
    Well, what town were you in while in Austria? Geez. I gotta know or it will kill me.
    Were you near Salzburg?
    What's all this about some Goodbye Dog stuff? I'm totally confused.
    Adeus e abracos, meu amor.

  3. I'm SO jealous about the snow - send some over here :)

  4. It sounds like your adapting well. That is great. Of course, remember that even if you are eating... do not wave your utensils about to make a point! HAHAHA!

  5. Thanks for changing the script color! My older eyes had trouble with the pink-on-pink. Love you!