Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alrgiht, so it has been awhile but it has been pretty busy these past few days..

Sunday I went with Nikki to go and see where the girls go to school and see what my schedule will look like when the girls are in school with timing and everything. After all of that we went to a delicious Thai restaurant and it was absolutely amazing! It is right down the street from where I am living also so that place will be visited lots, that is for sure! We then went to another town to walk around and check it out and everything, and while we were there we tried to go and see a castle but it closed until May because there is a ton of construction going on! After that we decided to head home because it had started to rain really bad and it would not be a pleasant walk at all
On Monday it was the first day that I had to take the girls to school and everything and it is surprisingly very easy! I wake up a half hour before them (6am) get myself ready and then wake them up and get them fed and brush their teeth get them dressed and then we are off to school around 740am. I first drop off Talya whose school is right up the street from where we live so it is an easy walk. After I drop her off I turn around and walk with Aimee to the bus stop where we wait for our bus to take her to her kindergarten class. The bus usually gets us around 809am and then drops us off at the school at like 812. After that I usually come home and clean up around the house and think about what I am going to make Talya for lunch or practice my German. On Monday's the girls have gymnastics, and by gymnastics I mean its really just a gymnasium where the kids run around and play games and maybe they do a front flip or so.
Yesterday was a different story though, I decided that I wanted to go to the city center and check out downtown Kelkheim, well I ended up getting lost, but turned out I was just walking around in circles for 2 hours or so. Very long morning, but at least I know the area pretty well by now! I also made dinner the other night which was interesting because we don't have much here because no one has had time to go shopping or anything so it was pretty barren. But I decided to make some simple Chicken and rice and it went over with the girls wonderfully besides it being a little too spicy. The dad loved it though!
This Thursday I am going with Matieus to a meeting for people that are new in Frankfurt and that is pretty much us meeting at a local pub and having a few drinks and what not. Friday night Nikki and I are going to a pub crawl in Frankfurt which should be fun and great way for me to meet more people! I hope this weekend will finish with me having some new friends and having stuff to do on the weekends so the parents can go off and do things with the kids.

Coming up in April I have some friends that are planning on visiting, my friend Jenna wants to come more towards the end of March and see the family and the town that I live in and hang out, and then my friend Sean is going to come sometime in the beginning of April and travel with me for a bit. We were thinking, Dublin, and Italy and of course hang out around Frankfurt! That is not for a ways away though, so hopefully everything will pan out! Oh! Also, those of you who wish to send me things or letters or anything (letters would be awesome) I can give you the address here! With your letters though, if you could include a very simple recipe that I could make for the kids. Nothing too crazy because they don't have the most developed taste buds! :)

Love and miss you all!!! xoxo



  1. Amazing! Sounds like you are keeping busy...and in a fun way!. I'll see what I can do about recipes. Email me if there is something specific you want. Enjoy the pub crawl! Love you!

  2. I am happy to hear things are going well!! Getting lost is not always a bad thing!! I will look into some recipes for you! Enjoy your weekend pub crawl!
    Love, the SoCal Alves