Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My week and upcoming adventures!

So, this past week has been really cool! Montag to Frietag (Monday to Friday) was the usual, go to class, take care of the girls! On Tuesday, Talya stayed home because she had the stomach flu. I think she just wanted to stay home just because but that was okay, we just hung out and watched movies and did crafts! On Friday night I went out with Timo's friend Kai's girlfriend, Christina. We hung out at her house and then went to a local bar here in Kelkheim before we went and met up with Timo's soccer time at the club called City Club in Kelkheim. It was a really fun night! Timo's soccer team is absolutely hilarious and they are all super nice! Hanging out with the girls was good too because the more I meet the better! :)
On Saturday I woke up so excited because not only was in St. Patty's day, but it was Mom's birthday, AND I had had my first dream in German! Even though it was mostly just the simple things (bitte-please and endshuldagung-excuse me) I was sooo happy! Well to top off the awesome morning it was soo pretty outside and actually warm for once! So Timo and I decided to take a trip to Frankfurt and go sit by the Main River! Well when we got there, there was this huge street fair thing going on. I was super excited but when we crossed one of the bridges I soon realized that it was just a humongous garage sale! Either way, it was still cool to walk through it all and see what everyone was offering! Well we got some lunch and sat by the river for awhile and then decided it was time to go home to get ready for our St. Pattys day night!
Timo had no idea that St. Patrick's day even existed before I came along and told him about it. I said to him ; "ohh can we please please go to Frankfurt and go to Saxonhausen to go to one of the Irish Pub's there for St. Patrick's day!? It will remind me of home..." So of course he had no choice but to say yes, plus I put on my best puppy dog face and made those really big pleading eyes! Well I told him he had to wear green or else I was going to pinch him, and he looked at me like I was crazy, but I explained what it meant and finally he brought out a green jacket! We went to an Irish Pub, called "The Irish Pub" and they had green beer and food! We got there around 730 and it was not very busy, we left and came back with his friend Sarah around 9 and it was completly packed! It was insane! But so cool because at first I did not think that anyone would dress up in Green especially no Germans, but it turns out that EVERYONE was wearing green, or dressed up like a leprachaun! It was awesome!
After that bar we went to a bar next to the Main River to celebrate Timo's friend Felix's birthday! It was really cool because the whole bar was closed and it was just his friends that were inside drinking and having a great time! We left though around 1 because we were so tired!
On Sunday, it was more of a relaxing day! Timo went to soccer and I was just hanging out at home chilling with the girls. Even though Aimee had caught what Talya had so I tried to steer clear of her as best as possible!

Monday went by with just Aimee staying home, and Tuesday as well. Today (Wednesday) Aimee went to school but I ended up having to go to her school and pick her up because she decided to have her lunch evacuate through her mouth. So now as I write this her and I are just sitting on the couch watching some German cartoon while Talya is outside working on her homework in the sun!

Well onto my upcoming plans! 
April 2nd-9th I will be in Amsterdam! Timo is going to be joining me April 6th-8th. My original plan was to stay in a hostel for all of those nights, and then I found out how expensive it would be and decided that I had to find an alternative and that staying in a hostel for all those nights would be my last resort! Well, then Nikki came up with the idea of couchsurfing, it is completely free and you have a place to sleep. The downside is is that essentially you do not know the person you would be staying with except for writing emails to each other. Well, when Timo heard this he about freaked out and said that he did not want me doing that. So he decided that while he is out here he will get a hotel for the both of us. Well then today he informed me that he got a hotel for me from the 4th-9th. I guess he REALLY REALLY did not want me couch surfing! So now I am staying in a hotel by myself for 2 nights until he gets to Amsterdam and then I will stay there another night before I have to leave for the airport on the 9th.

Here is the link to the hotel that I will be staying at so you guys can check it out and everything! :) 

As far as the hostel that I will be staying at, that is still up in the air, but I know that it will be a completely safe and awesome one! :) There will be many more pictures to come of my trip!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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