Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another day

00o kay! So things have been pretty hectic since I have not been able to really write in here about updates or anything!
So last week was pretty normal, I went to dinner at my friend Christoph's house Thursday and watched Step Brothers in German, and it was pretty funny even in a language I don't understand quite yet, mostly because I pretty much know all the lines and everything. :) After that I came home and went to sleep because I knew that the weekend was going to be a long one. Miri and I had plans pretty much both nights to go out for either a birthday party, or a dinner or some sort! Friday I woke up and it was starting to get colder, much,much colder then what I was prepared for! So I pretty much stayed inside all day and tried to stay warm so I don't get sick.
Friday night though, I went over to Miri's house to hang out a little bit before we went out to dinner with two of her friends (Robert and Timo) at a local pizza place here in Kelkheim. The food was absolutely delicious and the company was awesome as well! After that when we walked out of the restaurant it had started to snow slightly and we all had decided to drive over to Robert's house. I was thinking it was like a 10 minute drive, no it was more like 10 seconds. No one wanted to walk because it was so cold and honestly I do not blame them because it was freezing even just standing outside waiting to get the front door open.
When we got to the house we just hung out and played Wii Tennis for a little and then Miri decided that she wanted to go to the birthday party and I wanted to go out for a little so we promised to meet up later! I ended up going to a club with Timo and Robert and another one of their friends which was a lot of fun. It was in this wearhouse thing that had two huge rooms that played different types of music! A lot of fun, but we ended up leaving not long after we got there. The boys took me to the house where Miri was for the birthday party because apparently the birthday boy wanted to see "the California beauty" and we all just hung out there for the rest of the night!
On Saturday I was not feeling so well, so thinking I was going to be able to relax I pretty much just hung around the house all day and vegged out. Well I got a call that we were going bowling at like 9pm. Not thinking that Saturday night is prime night to go bowling, especially around that time too. We went to 2 different bowling and all them were fully packed, so the 4 of us all just went home and hung out. I ended up leaving early because I was very tired and still not feeling 100% and had a nice evening in my nice warm bed!
Come to Sunday, pretty much the most exciting day of my week. I got picked up by Timo and a few of his other friends and we went to go see a Futbol match! I had been dying to go see a European futbol match mostly because they are into the sport so much more and that it just makes the game that more enjoyable! Well I was told to dress warm because by Sunday the tempature had dropped dramatically and it was freezing outside. I kid you not I was wearing at least 5 layers of socks, 4 layers of pants, 3 long sleeve shirts and my toes still went numb. Well one of the things that is important at these games is to drink warm Apple Wine, it keeps you warm and it tastes delicious! Well after we waited in line for what felt for forever and after I got patted down by security we were finally able to get our first glass of Apple Wine, and able to sit down.
I was soooooo not prepared for what I was in store for. There were explosions going off randomly, and they had those red hazard lights that cops use of the freeway when there has been an accident to steer traffic away. There was non stop drums being played and chanting and jumping and yelling! It was by far the coolest thing I have seen in Germany yet and I cannot wait to go to another match! The teams were Frankfurt and B' Schweitz, I believe that is how it is spelled.. It does not even matter though because they lost! When I learn my first chant I will be sure to write it on here, or even try and sing it on here so you can see how awesome it is! After that day and my weekend of Germany awesomness, I was soo tired.
I had passed out by 730pm, and unfortunately because my body was not used to this, it decided to wake up at 2m and not fall back asleep until about 545am. Mind you, I wake up at 6am every morning to get the girls up and ready for school. They are barely awake so imagine how hard it is when someone that is watching them is barely awake as well and trying to function. Needless to say the morning was very slow for me as was the rest of the day. Yesterday though was the first day of my German class in Hoffeim! Very very exciting but also very nerve wrecking! My friend Hannes had given me a ride there (thank you) and when I got there it was still early, so I went across the street to the mall and walked around a little bit before class started.
When it was finally time to start I sat down in one of the desks and then all of a sudden this Italian guy walks in and sees me and of course sits right next to me. We started talking and turns out he has been in Germany for a year and promised to help me with my German if I help him with his English. Well when class started I was once again not prepared for this.  IT IS ALL IN GERMAN. THERE IS NO ENGLISH ALLOWED. When I even tried asking her a question in English she shut me up right away and asked me to ask in German. Luckily the Itlaian guy next to me knew what was up so he helped me out. But pretty much I left the class feeling that this was not going to be as easy as I thought it was and that I would totally need to do more studying then I thought as well. Luckily for me I have a great support team here that are all eager to help me and teach me new words and phrases! So I think it will be pretty amazing when the 15 weeks are over and I can at least maybe hold an elementary school conversation!
Tuesday I thought that I would be able to go and get my books in the morning after dropping Aimee off at school, well when we were getting to ready to go the mother from next door came over and said that she was driving everyone because it was -16c outside and she did not want us walking in that weather! Thank you LORD! I hopped in the car and drove with her to drop all of the kids off, when we got to Aimee's school I went with Aimee and the mother went off to work! Well usually I get to Aimee's school around 845, well I got there at 8am dropped her off and walked into town and EVERYTHING was closed. So I thought, okay, I will just go with Talya when she gets out of school, have a nice time with ordering my books, maybe go look at some shoes and have a nice lunch. NOPE! As soon as we walk to the bus stop and start waiting it start to drizzle snow. And I am thinking, ok maybe it will just be really quick. No way. It started to almost down pour when we were in the bus. Finally we get to the bookstore and I realize that they are closed until 3. Well, it was 130 and snowing and Talya was freezing and so was I. So we decided to go and check when the next bus came and it was going to be about an hour. Went to a local thrift shop, got her a hot chocolate and hung out for an hour. I felt so bad for that girl because she was freezing and so was I and there was no way to really warm her up.
We got the bus stop and she started saying how her face was cold and so I did what always works for me! I put one of my hands over her mouth and had her start breathing because her warm breath would at least warm up her nose and mouth. Well after about 10 seconds of doing this I look down and realize what it looks like.. Basically that I am covering this little girls mouth so she will shut up. Or just that I am asking her to sniff my glove that is laced with Chloroform. It just looked really bad, but when I would take my hand away from her mouth she would start getting upset because she was so cold. So I got to stand there for about 10 minutes looking like I was kidnapping this child, or that I was just getting her to shut up. Finally we get on the bus and go home and warm up. It has not stopped snowing since and is about 840 right now. Should wake up to a nice blanket of beautiful German freezing cold snow! :)

Hope you all enjoyed reading! I will try and update more often so it is not an essay that you are reading every time! :)



  1. Sounds like you are having a great time and keeping kooooooooool! Enjoy every moment!

  2. Vell, it is not cold here. So, ha to you.
    When I was 3 and trekking across the Senzo Glacier in Bhutan, my guide, Srizen, told me that the best way to keep warm in extreme weather is to kill a horse and slip inside the carcass. Srizen was right.
    You may want to buy a couple of horses and a sharp knife and bring the horst when you go out. Just in case.
    It worked for Srizen and me two times on the trek. By the way, we did reach the monastery where I was able to preform surgery on the big toe of the monk, Gangee-Tze.