Monday, January 30, 2012

Hallo aus Deutschland!

Ok! So a recap of my life here in Germany! I have met a few new people here in Kelkheim so it makes it easier for me instead of going all the way to Frankfurt to meet up with friends! :) I have met a neighbor named Miri, and by neighbor, I literally mean she lives 5 houses down from me and is AMAZING! Last week I did my normal routine of taking the girls to school and their random events for the week! On Tuesday I went out to Frankfurt and had dinner at a place called Sausalito's with Miri, Hannes, Meg, Katie, and Thomas, all were friends of Miri's that I had met and all are awesome! The food there was like a better yet, not nearly as expensive Chevy's! So it was delicious.. I only had a ceasar salad though because I was not crazing any of the fried food! After dinner we went to Miri's house and had some Sparkling wine, which is really just Champagne, or at least to me it tastes just like it! Once we decided that we will be going out to an "after work party" at a club called Living which is under the main big bank in Frankfurt I walked home and had a wonderful sleep! :)
On Friday night, Miri, Thomas, and I went out to eat at a place called My Thai, delicious Thai food, and had a few drinks and just talked about the differences between California and Germany and how all of our friends were similar and how we met and how we are all getting along. Overall a very chill and nice night!

On Saturday my host family left for Kessels, and I stayed behind because I had told Miri and Katie that I would go shopping for Carnavial! Apparently this is a huge event in the month of February and is like a Mardi Gras/ Halloween event here in Germany.. I think it is mostly celebrating my birth and is just a big party for me! Well we went to a costume shop and all found out costumes! I decided that I was going to be going as a nurse and found a super awesome costume! The party starts in 2 weeks, and aparently goes for 6 days straight, but the people that I am going with only for like 2 days and Sunday is a day of rest.. LOL But I think for my birthday we are going to try and go on that day..

On Saturday night I went out to a club here in Kelkheim called City Club, Miri's friend Robert was having a birthday so he had bottle service so we were all hanging out there for a while, and then I had gotten very tired and decided to take a taxi home early.. I was in bed by 3am and much happier on Sunday! :)

Sunday I had woken up early though and wanted to go to Frankfurt, so I messaged my friend Christoph and I took the train into a place in Frankfurt called Hochst (pronounced Hoochst) and had some lunch and then went into the main city and walked around for a little. Had a few drinks and then I was on my way around 9pm. Overall it was a very good weekend and the friends that I have met have been amazing and they remind me of people back home. My host family totally reminds me of my family in San Jose so it has made my adjustment here so much easier!

This Saturday I will be going out with Miri to a club crawl in Frankfurt and hopefully meeting more people! It seems Miri and I will be great friends! I am looking towards the future of our friendship!

I start my German classes next week, so people get ready to use some Google Translate because I will be trying to write in German!! :) Here are some recent photos I have taken of friends! Enjoy!!!

Bis Bald! xoxox!

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