Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Week!

I am still loving it here! The area is soo nice and I love the fact that you don't see a Starbucks or a McDonalds everywhere you go. Also, I never really appreciated the buses and trains like I do now. So awesome! 
This week went by pretty fast, it was just taking the girls to school and picking them up and cooking dinner and random things. Every morning when I get the girls up, Talya is pretty easy to wake up and get going, Aimee is a totally different story. I tried the whole leaving the room with Talya hoping that she will come down, but for a 4 year old she is very stubborn and is smart, because she knows eventually I will come back up to try again and bring her down. The one thing that I have learned works the best is saying that they can watch cartoons while they eat their breakfast and while I make their snack for the day! Other then that, she is like a brick wall and will not move for anything unless its cartoons and food. 
It is pretty funny to watch cartoons in Germany, they are very different and have catchier phrases then in America, the one that I hear every morning is a knock off of Blue's Clue's. It has the creepy little blue dog that goes around singing and then the older man who for some reason enjoys hanging out with a blue dog and singing songs about counting. Well this dog has this phrase where it always "dibah-dibah-dow" SOOO ANNOYING but it always manages to get stuck in my head for the whole day. The kids love it when I say it because the way I say it sounds funny to them. I will do anything to keep them laughing so I sacrafice my sanity by saying that over and over again.. Talya is still trying to get me to stop walking her all the way to class so she can be looked at as "cool" and not having her american aupair walk her to school is not cool apparently.. So I have been experimenting with "saying" I would stop and let her go, and then when she is out hearing distance Aimee and I play secret spy and follow her to her school.. When Talya finds out that we do this, it should be interesting and probably make her very paranoid. 

On Friday I went with Nikki to the office where I can get my working visa. She was very nervous they were going to ask me questions in German so she had me learn some phrases. Just like My name is, and I am 23 years old! Well turns out you don't have to know the phrases if you just smile and nod and laugh at the appropriate time it LOOKS like you know what they are saying. So all in all my paperwork to get my work Visa are in the works and hopefully it will get here sooner then later. 
On Friday night I went to a local club here in Kelkheim called City Club, went with Matias and had a fun time, met some people from my town so it is nice to have some faces here that I know, and can possibly hang out with instead of taking the train into Frankfurt every time. 
Speaking of taking the train into Frankfurt, I went into Frankfurt last night to hang out with Christoph and I did it all by myself and it was soo cool and easy! :) There is a train station about a 10 min walk from my house and hopped on the train, took it all the way to the main station where I met Christoph and then we took another train to the main pedestrian area in Frankfut. When we got to Frankfurt it was not raining and all and absolutely no wind. Well within 10 mins of trying to find a bank it started to downpour. I talking like buckets, and then all of a sudden there was wind, so we had rain and wind all at once, quite the surprise and made for some good excercise, because we were running to get somewhere dry. Well when we finally did it was to this Australian bar called "Yours Australian Pub". Super awesome place! We got there around 9 and had some drinks and then kareoke started up at 10. I swear kareoke follows me everywhere.. It is a little ridiculous but still amazing! So after a night of dancing singing and of course drinking Christoph walked me to my train at 330am and sent me back on my way to Kelkheim! The hardest part of coming back is trying to stay awake so you don't miss your stop! But I got to my stop and walked home! 
Woke up today on the later side of the day, but still had made some great memories and can't wait to see what else Germany has in store for me! :)

Until next time!


  1. Agent Dibah-Dibah Dow (#00.5)
    I am glad that all my lessons in espionage have paid off! Don't forget the "secret sardine man" suit. The little ones will never expect that you are the sardine in Kelkheim.
    This week I will buy a Batman comic book and order x-ray glasses for me.
    After reading this, you will have to destroy the message. Probabla eating the computer is the best solution.